Friday, November 21, 2014

Unique Thanksgiving Tables

Dear Friends,

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving this week!  The following are some alternatives to the more traditional harvest decor, with jewel tones, fresh foliage, and fun ways to use leftover pumpkins from October.

So relax, eat an extra piece of pie, and savor this time with loved ones.

Sara / "Jane" xx

Rich Colors:
Love the mixture of foliage + flowers on both tables above.  Source: L, R
Leafy cabbages, magnolia leaves, and persimmons make for some fresh decorations!  Source: L, R

You Can Never Go Wrong with Gold

Coppery colors and earth tones are heavenly together.  Source.
More traditional colors are given extra dimension with rich golds + amber colors.  I love the succulent place holders on the right, or pine cones would work also.  Source: L, R.

When In Doubt, Always Pumpkins
Painted pumpkins and a coastal take on a typically harvest-colored holiday.  Source: L, R

Fun for Kids
Why not use leftover bright paper places + napkins and save a little on dish-washing duty!?  Also, how perfect are these little tables for picky eaters who don't like pie.  Sprinkles, frosting, and sliced almonds make little "meals".  Or add a drumstick with some little treats.  Other clever ideas?  Place kraft paper instead of a tablecloth and leave cups of crayons for pre or post-dinner entertainment.  
Source; Top, Lower L, Lower R

Extra Details
L: Offer guests "to go" containers to help save room in the fridge (though leftovers are never a bad problem to have!).  R: An acorn-painting craft for all ages, bonus idea --- take everyone outside and gather them!  Would work with pine cones or little branches too. 
Source: L, R

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Persephone Falling
One narcissus among the ordinary beautiful
flowers, one unlike all the others! She pulled,
stooped to pull harder—
when, sprung out of the earth
on his glittering terrible
carriage, he claimed his due.
It is finished. No one heard her.
No one! She had strayed from the herd.
{ Rita Dove }

The tale of Persephone brings Greek mythology and the seasonal equinox + solstices together.  Legend has it that Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter, wandered deep into the woods drawn to a beautiful and exotic blossom.  Hades awaited and kidnapped the young goddess.  Forcing her to the underworld, she became his bride.  Six months each year Persephone was granted time among the living, bringing the world warm months and life.  Her return to Hades left the world mourning her absence with half a year of barren darkness.

Floral Design by Jenn Pineault + the Nature Composed team
Model Laura Rogers, Hand-dyed silks by Willow Knows
Location courtesy of Early Mountain Vineyard
Styling + Headpiece, The Lady Jane.

Thank you-s to Jodi, Kurt, & Jenn for inviting me to the fun (and the best sticky rolls this side heaven!).  

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Coming Soon: Tattly Tattoos!

Dear Friends,

One of the most FUN bits of running the shop is searching for inventory --- it's a 24/7 treasure hunt + my eyes are always looking.  After doing a bit of research, I'm excited to bring Tattly to TLJ!  These designer tattoos are 100% temporary, made from vegetable-based dyes, safe to wear, and the original designers keep a portion of all the proceeds.  As an ink-loving girl (doesn't get much more vintage than tattoos!), I loved the idea of wearing bits of art, and they're commitment-free!  I hope they'll prove to be fun gifts and a way to wear your mood.

Below is a tiny preview of the styles we have arriving next week.  We will offer a couple of sets, but mostly individual designs!

Until Soon,
Sara xx

Friday, October 17, 2014

14 Stunning Pumpkins...

Dear Friends,

With both Halloween + Thanksgiving fast approaching, I wanted to gather some pumpkin ideas that would fit both holidays and hopefully also extend your decorating through November.  Maybe you'll have a chance to get outside this weekend + pick some perfect pumpkins...

There are so many creative ideas out there, here are 14 of my favorites for Fall.  I can't wait to try one of these...if all goes well photos will come soon!

Until Soon,
Sara xx

Monograms, Initials, + Greetings...
{ Images: Top L, Lower L, R }

{ Image: L, R }

{ Image: L, R }

Impressive Carvings
{ Image: L, R }

Painted Pretties:
{ Image: L, R }

Woodland Hideaways
{ Image: L, Top R, Lower R}