Sunday, September 14, 2014

Barn Sale 2014

Oh, Friends!

It's that time of year again...when the air starts to get crisp in the morning + eve.  Fall is coming, and so is the third annual Barn Sale at Spring Creek Roller Mills!

Last year was our first time to go as a vendor, and I didn't want to go home.  Life moves at a different time out at the farm...and the motto "Eat - Shop - Linger" is so perfect.  You don't want to hurry along as you munch on kettle corn and caramel apples, and shop handmade wares.  This year's Barn Sale is a two-day affair with Friday evening featuring live music + food truck eats and Saturday morning bringing fresh donuts and soul food.  Vendors will be set up both days, but there will be lots of variety so you are welcome to come both days!

We'll be there in the barn with some vintage treasures especially found for the event.  Below is just a tiny preview of what you might find...hope to see you there!

Until Soon,
Sara xx

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A New Address

Dear Friends,

It's been (shamefully!) long since my last post --- I must confess it's been a long transition moving from one space to another, even though the distance was only about a half mile!

But after 7 weeks of waiting and working (like a bit of a mad woman!) I find myself in a new space filled with sunlight and warmth and I'm happy.  I still love this little job of mine, and after 3 years, that's pretty neat.  I also got to know a few friends much better as they generously helped and watched me hop around breaking things + darling life on a rickety ladder...and still came back for more.

Now it's time to meet new faces, neighbors, and try to feel at home in a new outfit made of 4 walls and a ceiling.  I love our new street address...I've always been an even-number kind of girl, but for some reason 117 feels right.  I also kind of love that it's a new address to the world, I even had to go out and purchase numbers to put on the front door.

Thank you to all the new + familiar friends who have helped and come by to make me feel welcomed and supported.  It means the entire world to me.

Until Soon (I promise!),
Sara / "Jane" xx

Images courtesy of J.Ellis Photography.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

10 Instagrams to Love

Dear Friends,

Today is a completely visual post ---- the following are some lovely IGers to follow, and the wonderful people behind the pictures.  Real quickly, I forced myself to only share people I have never worked with or met.  Mostly because I love every friend's account so much, that I could never choose few enough to fit in here...  <3

Until Soon,
Sara xx
P.S. Finds us @theladyjaneshop !!


> Seal Beach, CA
Organic + lovely, with beautiful photos of hand-tied bouquets, arrangements, crowns, + more from this SoCal shop.

Art + Culture

> Around the UK
I know, just serving to feed the Anglophilea...this is the newest IG account I've followed, sharing art + shows from Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool, Tate Modern, + Tate St. Ives.

> Cascas, Portugal
A portrait photographer whose photos of the Mediterranean make me want to jump into the water.

> the universe
I know, it's a strange one to throw into the mix, but it's easy to get immersed into these the zero-gravity videos are always a winner!

> LA/England
For any Downton fans, Michelle Dockery's instagram is a fun glimpse into the life of Lady Mary's alter-ego.  As in, this photo is enough reason to love her for life.  :)  "S'up Jane"...

Clothing + Accessories

> San Diego, CA
Beautiful, manly goods---hand-crafted canvas and leather shop.  You can almost smell the woodsy, coffee-filled air in their photos.

> Long Beach, CA
Looks like I need to make a visit to Long Beach very soon...Rodellee, the owner of Adored Vintage, has a way of presenting her beautiful pieces that make you want to reach out and touch the silk + crinoline.  A truly sneaky friend gave me a beaded purse from A.V. for Christmas, one of the most lovely surprises I've ever received.


> London, England
Interior design + creator of some brilliant stop-motion films.


> Seattle, WA
Tales of designer Tif's guinea pig, Mister Muchly + friends.  Look at that face!

>San Francisco, CA
Next to my puppies, a couple of my favorite dogs!  Harlow and Indi, a Weimaraner + Dachsund going on adventures and then snuggling.  Daily-dose of sweet and silly.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Happy Changes

Dear Friends,

Today was the first time in my life I ever yelled in the shop.  I declared loudly that I was QUEEN OF THE INTERNET.  First time I have ever crowned myself over anything...but it was just that exciting.

Four years ago, I attempted my first website & blog...and it was a hot mess disaster.  So after years of Google-ing, some one-way arguments with the computer screen, & a few small moments of clarity, things are working a little more smoothly!   Cut to the very unprofessional computer dance with air fist-pumping & leg kicks that occurred earlier today at the shop.

So without further adieu, may I introduce you to the newly-combined blog + website!! (currently viewing), our new Styling & Design Website, & a preview of a recent styled shoot.  Booking 2014-15 styled events + busy collecting vintage rentals to offer you, coming soon!

I can't wait to share more of what is ahead.  Thank you for all the love & support in these past, present, & future endeavors.

With Love, 

Images: Jodi Miller Photography
Floral Design: Nature Composed
Model: Laura Rodgers
Silk: Willow Knows
Venue: Early Mountain Vineyards

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DIY: Custom Baby Onesie

Dear Friends,

It's been awhile since I shared a personal project--- please forgive this neglect.  It has been a truly insane Spring...phew!

I just had the joy of celebrating a friend at her baby shower, and in the midst of shopping from their registry & all the adorable baby girl outfits in stores, a DIY idea took root.  The Momma & Daddy-to-be are both Virginia Tech fans, and after looking for VT baby apparel, nothing quite felt right. Stumbled upon this plain onesie, and decided to give it a go with some cheery fabric & a little love.

Hope you find this DIY useful!

Until Soon,
Sara xx

-Plain onesie
-Fabric(s) of your choice
-Sharp scissors, thread, & a thin sewing needle
-Poly fill or another type of filler

Step 1: I chose my fabrics & cut out initials/letters & a tiny heart embellishment.  Without sewing anything down, I tried different placements of the letters (chose R).

Step 2:  I began sewing the "V" and "T", starting one the inside of the letters & working around.  *Be sure to keep your non-sewing between the two layers of fabric to prevent sewing through to the back.*  I periodically stopped a straight stitch to loop an extra stitch along the edge for added strength.  Leaving a small pocket open, I filled the letters with a thin layer of poly fill to add dimension.  Using the end of a thin paintbrush, I gently spread the stuffing until it felt even.  I repeated the same with the heart.
Step 3:  I carefully cut off loose strings & pressed flat.  Unfortunately, this will probably not withstand a ton of machine washing, so if you give a similar gift to someone, you might want to pre-shrink everything, or leave a note to wash in cool water.
The finished onesie for a future Hokie-fan.